Anthropo.com.ng is a platform that serves as online Office for Artisans, Business Owners and Professional. We connect Sellers to Buyers, Artisans to Customers or Employers, and Professionals to Clients.

Anthropo.com.ng has been the go-to-site of entrepreneurs and professionals for years for many who want to sell, build or establish their businesses and connect by finding the right customers. Our platform has helped many people over the years find customers and create business relationship between clients and customers. You could be next.

Anthropo.com.ng does not provide funding or make any recommendations or suggestions to an employer or client to make an investment in a particular company nor take part in the negotiations or execution of any transaction or deal.

Anthropo.com.ng does not purchase, sell, negotiate, execute, take possession or is compensated by securities in any way, or at any time, nor is it permitted through our platform.

In June 2019, Anthropo.com.ng was created and since then has expanded its still-growing list of customers and clients. Our list, as people say, is nothing but a goldmine for entrepreneurs and professionals who need customers for their business. We have received numerous recognition for its dedication to support start-ups and existing businesses and companies seeking reliable workers to build their empire.

We are recognized as one of the top customer-connecting platforms.

Mission Statement

We want to enable every artisan, business owner and professional on Anthropo platform to meet customers, buyers and clients beyond their usual reach. Thereby increasing their sales and income.

Our Vision

  • To help alleviate unemployment in Nigeria.
  • Prevent businesses from going in extinction due to low customer data base.
  • Connect employees and businesses with customers and employers around the world.
  • To become the number one employee-employer connecting platform in Nigeria.