Many Nigerians don’t know which business to do at a particular point in time, especially during this economic downfall. The truth is that; there is no better one to do than those with high market demands.

Below is the list of some of fast selling businesses with good profits in Nigeria:

It is good opportunity for people that have fantastic cooking skills as their customers will be the ones advertising for them, helping them bring more customers. It’s a kind of business Graduates can do because it is a fast selling one.

  1. Restaurant business: people eat everywhere, everyday across all States in Nigeria. Travellers, Artisans, Company workers, Civil servants and Students find it easier to eat at restaurants during day hours. And these are major population of the Nigerian citizens. Having good cooking skills will eleven help to draw more customers to oneself. This is a fast selling business with ready markets everyday. Fresh graduates from schools can also embark on it, as theirs will come with correct packaging.
  1. Poultry, Goat, Cow and Fish Business: rearing of all of these animals or one of them is a good business in Nigeria, and it really brings good profit in these present day Nigeria.

Their demand is very high in the markets. As people that are already in the business keep investing more, this really shows that the business is really doing well.

  1. Cosmetics Store: is a very easy business someone can do in Nigeria. There is hardly a single house you will enter in Nigeria that you won’t find cosmetics materials in which people are using. Yea, it’s not food. But people are really making use of it beyond imagination.

Body creams, powders, perfumes and lots more are all in great demand. In most especially, areas populated with youths, students and lots of females.

  1. Grocery Shop: Food products and commodities are fast selling business too.

It needs not too much expertise before someone can start, and can be easily run.

  1. Building Materials Shop: This business is also in high demand. As building materials include paints, plumbing materials, electrical materials, ceilings e.t.c

Someone can specialize in one or two of them. Or even sell them all, it depends on available capital and market location.

  1. Transportation: this is one of few business you will hardly hear people advice others to do.

But I tell you, it has ever since been lucrative, and is even going to be more.

Though, there used to be challenges with the conditions of roads across the country.

But Government across all levels have been constructing new roads and rehabilitating the existing ones in the last 6 to 8 years.

  1. Automobile Spare Parts Business: this is undoubtedly a very good business as there are millions of car owners across Nigeria.

The demand for spare parts of automobiles is always in high demand in all states in Nigeria.

  1. Cold Room Business: is a kind that is not popular but keeps making people rich.

Though, it demands Capital, and needs proper supervision. The return is always very quick.