Skip store bought decorations and personalize your space with items that you make yourself.

These free DIY outdoor table plans will show you how to build a table that you can enjoy all year round. This especially focused towards craftsmen and artisans who are majors in upholstery and carpentry works.

Whether you’re enjoying a meal with your family, lounging around with your friends, or prepping for a party, these plans have you covered.

Let’s take you through the beauty in furniture that you can learn on your own and sell on Anthropo.

Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Dining Table

This free outdoor table plan builds a modern farmhouse dining table that’s perfect for having outside on a deck or porch.

Just in time for an holiday, today I am going to share how to build a DIY Modern Farmhouse patio table on the cheap.


  • Drill/driver (12 or 20 volt)
  • Pocket Hole jig
  • Pocket hole screws (jig instructions give proper length and type)
  • 3” and 3.5” deck screws
  • Miter saw
  • Hole saw (1.75”) (for umbrella hole)
  • 7 2x6x8s
  • Orbital sander
  • stain (I used this one and this one)
  • weather-proof top coat (I used this one)


(Step 1). Cut 2x lumber for frame to desired width and length. Remember to consider the spacing between top slats when considering width. Width should not require ripping boards. Example:My table has 5 2×6’s which equals 27.5” plus 4.5” for spacing (6 gaps x .75”) plus the boarder (1.5 x 2”) to be 35”.

(Step 2). Attach frame lumber using 3” deck screws.

(Step 3). Cut top slats to desired length. Remember to subtract 3” from desired length because the boarder adds 3”

(Step 4). Drill pocket holes using jig at the ends of top slats.

(Step 5). Acquire two spacers for desired spacing between top slats. I used 1x lumber to give .75” spacing.

(Step 6). Attach top slats using pocket hole screws and utilizing spacers between slats to give proper spacing.

(Step 7). Cut legs to desired height. Remember to subtract 1.5” because the top will at 1.5” to total height. I used 6×6 lumber.

(Step 8). Clamp legs in place and attach using 3.5” deck screws.

(Step 9). Rotate table to sit upright (use two people to rotate because table will be heavy). Locate center of table to drill hole for umbrella. Use hole saw to drill hole. For added umbrella security, we built an L bracket out of scrap wood and attached it to the bottom of the table

(Step 10).  For smooth finish, sand table with orbital sander.

(Step 11). Stain table to your liking. Using a foam brush and a rag to wipe  quickly, I  applied one coat of this stain, followed by a second coat of this stain.

(Step 12). Apply two layers of this weather-proof top coat. Here is what I used.

And there you have it, a custom built outdoor dining table that can be sold at a reasonable amount.